Pirrama Park, Pyrmont

Pirrama Park, at the end of Harris Street in Pyrmont, is one of the latest public spaces commissioned by the City of Sydney. Like all once-industrial waterfront sites across Sydney, the former Water Police site was contested for decades before the city was able to purchase it for parkland. The design process started in 2004.

The park located at the former Water Police site at Pyrmont was the winner of the 2010 Walter Burley Griffin Award for Urban Design.

The ANZAC Bridge

The ANZAC Bridge, replacing the earlier Glebe Island Bridge, is a large cable-stayed bridge spanning Johnstons Bay between Pyrmont and Glebe Island. The bridge opened in 1995.The Old WharfThe pylons and remnants of an old wharf are retained besides the parkland.

Tied To Tide (Jennifer Turpin and Michaelie Crawford – 1999)Tied to Tide is a kinetic artwork activated by the natural forces of tide, wave and wind. Hinged to the boardwalk, floating planks and airborne ladders combine with the ever-changing elements to perform an aquatic dance on the harbour. Conceptually, the artwork adopts and transforms the maritime language of the site’s timber boardwalk and access ladders. Free of their prosaic constraints, they play with rather than stand against nature. The ordinary becomes the extraordinary as timber boards hover over the water balancing tilting ladders like unwieldy acrobats in a harbourside circus.


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