Feather Shadowboxes, Chris Maynard

chrismaynard_maynard-2Washington-based artist Chris Maynard assembles shadowboxes of cut feathers depicting the silhouettes of birds as they sing, perch, and swoop across the canvas. With a background in both biology and ecology the artist recalls working with feathers as early as the age of 12, utilizing heirloom forceps, eye surgery scissors, and magnifying glasses passed down through his family. Maynard acquires feathers for his artwork from zoos and private aviaries.

Collected here are a number of recent works, some of which will be on view at an upcoming solo show next year at the Bainbridge Museum of Art. You can see much more on Instagram and Facebook. chrismaynard_maynard-3 chrismaynard_rachels-swallow-circle chrismaynard_catch-soft chrismaynard_chickadee-heart chrismaynard_maynard-1 chrismaynard_maynard-4


Elicia Edijanto

01eliciaThere’s an innate relationship between children and the animal kingdom. Our children sing songs about animals, the have toy animals, they have books about animals and they dream about animals. Capturing this unique connection is Indonesian artist Elicia Edijanto, who depicts small, vulnerable children alongside creatures of the wild like elephants, wolves and bears. Created in stark black and white imagery, and using only watercolors, Edijanto creates dreamlike-scenes that are both tranquil and contemplative.

05elicia 04elicia 03elicia 02elicia06elicia